101 Dance Games For Children: Fun and Creativity with Movement, Paul Rooyakers (Hunter House, 1996) – This book lists 101 dance lessons and games that focus on collaboration, self-expression and development of social skills—an excellent tool for beginning dance instructors.
101 Drama Games for Children: Fun and Learning with Acting and Make-Believe, Paul Rooyakers (Hunter House, 1997) – This book features drama games that encourage student creativity and social interaction. Lessons are organized by age level and offer a rich array of engaging sensory games and storytelling activities.
Dance A While: Handbook of Folk, Square, Contra, and Social Dance, Jane A. Harris (Benjamin Cummings, 2000) – For beginning and experienced teachers of dance, this book provides directions for teaching over 250 dances in the context of their cultural background. Recent trends in dance are also covered as well as information on where to find other quality resources and materials for teaching dance.

Dance Technique for Children, Mary Joyce (Mayfield Publishing Co., 1984) – An excellent resource for dance and movement instructors. This book guides teachers through fundamental technique and provides fun and engaging activities for students to accomplish. Activities are organized by difficulty level and objective.

First Steps In Teaching Creative Dance To Children, Mary Joyce (Mayfield Publishing Co., 1980) – This book contains easy-to-follow lesson plans for inexperienced dance instructors and experienced dance instructors alike. The text includes a variety of student-centered lessons for children of all ages and offers a solid foundation in teaching the elements of dance.
Middle Mania: Imaginative Theater Projects for Middle School Actors, Maureen Brady Johnson (Smith & Kraus, 2001) – This is a useful book for theater teachers and classroom teachers who are looking for community building activities for students. Featured projects are interactive and collaborative and encourage the participation of all students.
Teaching the Three R’s Through Movement Experiences: A Handbook for Teachers, Anne Green Gilbert (National Dance Education Organization, 2002) – A good resource for experienced dance educators as well as K-6 classroom teachers with little or no movement education which includes easy-to-use lessons for integrating movement into core subjects such as language arts, math and science.

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