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Mendocino Coast Music Archives


Dedicated to preserving the rich music heritage of the Mendocino Coast…

Dirty Legs, Judy Mayhan, Lenny Laks, Hansen Raitt Band & Charlie Remer music tracks have been uploaded so far. 

The art & music scene here on the Mendocino coast has always been rich with lots of very talented people making this special place home. It feels really good to make this great music available for people to listen to & no longer be the only lucky person in the world that gets to hear it.

All the tracks are multiple songs & some are pretty long.

If you are not able to put your cursor in to the wave file & skip ahead, I now know that to do that, you need to sign in with apple, google or facebook, or have a SoundCloud account. (it’s free) But they will let you listen to the tracks straight through without.

Hope to be adding some Mark Levine Revue, Garth Beckington & other music soon. Hopefully some of the two nights at Crown Hall in 1974 with Judy Mayhan, Lenny Laks, Billy Shay & Peter Oliva…

More to come…

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