MAC Ceramics Summer Workshops Series

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MAC Ceramics Summer Workshops Series


Registration is now open for our popular ceramics summer workshops featuring internationally recognized artist instructors.

Early registration is recommended as class sizes are limited to allow plenty of individual instruction with each student!

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Thoughtful Pottery 
with Linda Christianson
June 5th – 9th
Level • All levels

Animal Portraiture 
with Wesley
June 23rd – 25th
Level • All levels

Hand Building:
Pinch Slab & Color
with Ashley Kim
June 28th – July 2nd
Level • All levels

Functional Sculptures
with Kate Schroeder
July 22nd – 26th
Level • Intermediate

More is More: Overglaze Techniques on the Ceramic Surface
with Melanie Sherman
August 5th – 9th
Level • All levels

Narrative Clay Sculpture
with Susannah Israel
August 12th – 16th
Level • Intermediate & Advanced

Alternative Materials and Finishes: Stretching the Creative Process
with Rocky Lewycky
August 21st – 27th
Level • Intermediate & Advanced

Burn and Learn
with Simon Levin
September 11th – 17th
Level • All levels

Additional Wood Firing Workshops to be announced soon…

Thoughtful Wood Firing
with Seth Charles
June 11th – 15th
Level • All levels

Wood Fireworks
with Katie Applebaum and Seth Charles
July 4th – 11th
Level • All levels

Cone 6 Wood/Soda Firing
with Seth Charles
July 29 – August 3rd
Level • All levels

Become a MAC Member and receive 10% off all class registrations and lodging (local coastal MAC members, Gualala to Westport, receive 20% off in-person workshops) Space in the class and lodging is limited.