Auditions for "The Trial of the Wicked Witch" at WCT

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Auditions for "The Trial of the Wicked Witch" at WCT


Auditions for child actors to fill roles for “The Trial of the Wicked Witch” at the Willits Community Theatre will be held at the WCT playhouse on Saturday, May 27 from 4 to 6pm, and Saturday, June 3, from 4 to 6pm. The playhouse is located at 37 W. Van Lane, (behind Shanachie Pub. The call is for 9 girls and 5 boys, ages 10 to 14. The show rehearses in June and July (with a week off for the Fourth of July) and the play will run with four weekend shows from July 29 through August 6.

For more information about “The Trial of the Wicked Witch” please contact director Shawna Jeavons at 489-1969 or
In the storyline for “The Trial of the Wicked Witch”, the wicked witch from many fairy tales has been caught at last and she is brought to trial. In a sassy send-up of the classic courtroom drama, the courtroom is filled with some of the biggest heroes and heroines of fairy tale lore – Cinderella, Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, Prince Charming and the Big Bad Wolf and more. They argue back and forth over the question, did the witch commit or not commit all those horrible offenses that people say she did?

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