Arts Council of Mendocino County Board


Patricia Ray Franklin | Director

franklin-250Patricia Ray Franklin of Ukiah is the newest member of its Board of Directors.

Franklin and her family created the most recent art exhibit at the Arts Council’s gallery in the lobby of the historic railroad depot on East Perkins Street. The display featured Pomo ceremonial regalia and other items handmade by the Franklin family.

Gifted in beading, sewing, and creating Pomo ceremonial items, Patty Franklin is also a member of the Lake County Tribal Health Board, the recently formed United Pomo Nations Board, and the Scotts Valley Band Pomo Council. She is a member of the Scotts Valley Council’s Self-Governance, Cultural and Enrollment Committees, and has also been involved with Consolidated Tribal Health, and as a board member of Rez Life Ministries and Women’s Ministry. Franklin has assisted in organizing and participating in a variety of events including health fairs, healing gatherings, Pomo “Big Time” festivals, elders gatherings and fundraising events.

Patty received her education in Eastern Pomo culture and dance through cultural classes offered by her tribe (the Scotts Valley Band), which she and her children have been attending regularly for over three years. “My tribe and I have been blessed,” says Franklin, “by instruction from Jaime Boggs, Sheeyay Duncan, Baltsulwin Brown, Rozan Steel and Meyo Marrufo. Much of the hands-on instruction in Pomo arts and regalia has been taught to me by Meyo Marrufo, who is a standing cultural consultant for my Tribe.”

“I am interested in sharing art and helping others to develop their talents,” says Franklin, “and ensuring that opportunities are extended to Native and other hard-to-reach communities.” She would also like to assist in sharing activities and resources of the Arts Council with the local Native population.

Arts Council Executive Director Alyssum Wier says, “We are incredibly fortunate to welcome Patty to the Arts Council board. Patty is passionate about sharing Pomo traditions, and educating her family and anyone with a curiosity and interest in ceremonial beading, dance and regalia. She is a role model and a treasure in our community.”

Franklin joins current Arts Council board members Janae Stephens (President), Anne Beck (Vice-President), Brandon Kight (Treasurer), Jenn Procacci (Secretary), Loren Madsen and Susan O. Gordon in their efforts to support the Arts Council’s mission to enrich the quality of life in Mendocino County through promotion of the arts and cultivation of creative communities.

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