Studentdrawing11These are examples of responses from (75) student surveys which were sent to various schools from around the county in November 2012 prior to the launch of the Mendocino County Alliance for Arts Education.

Our students mentioned that they would like to have the following art supplies available in their classrooms: markers, colored pencils, pastels, crayons, drawing pencils, erasers, paints, paint brushes, paint trays, easels, paper rolls, scissors, construction paper, and glue.


Studentdrawing6A classroom of Kindergarten students appealed for clay to create art objects. The Kindergarten teacher has not had access to clay for her students during the past few years because of budget constraints. A variety of requests for other items that are lacking at school are professionally trained art teachers; art classes of drama, band,sewing,visual arts, hip-hop and break dancing,mariachi music, and drawing classes; time to experience art; and inspiration to create art in a busy school day.


StudentDrawing3Please follow our progress here as members of the MCAAE leadership team and members of the community strive to expand, engage, and enlighten our educators and parents to realize the importance of arts education for our children and young adults. We welcome your ideas and your assistance in getting these efforts off the ground and flying to fruition!




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Artist in the Spotlight

Event Spotlight

A Rare Intimate Evening Concert with Spencer Brewer and Friends

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