Below are forms for GASP Grant recipients:

GASP Photo Release Form.doc

GASP Photo Release Form.pdf

GASP Photo Release Form (Spanish)

Verification Form/Artist Payment Claim Form.doc

Verification Form/Artist Payment Claim Form.pdf

GASP Artist Evaluation Form.doc

GASP Artist Evaluation Form.pdf

GASP Teacher Evaluation Form.doc

GASP Teacher Evaluation Form.pdf

W9 Form.pdf

GASP Artist Schedule sheet.pdf

GASP Artist Schedule sheet.xlsx

GASPwebGASP Acknowledgement

We ask that you acknowledge the receipt of GASP funding by using the following phrase in all printed materials produced as a result of receiving this award, and in any interviews with the media or during events when appropriate: “This activity is funded by the ‘Get Arts in the Schools Program’ (GASP), an arts education partnership of the Arts Council of Mendocino County and the Mendocino County Office of Education.”

Should you have a use for it, the GASP logo is available for download here. Please display it at a size and dimension that assures its visibility and the viewers’ comprehension of it.

GASP logo

GASP logo (black)

For assistance with the GASP logo or questions about acknowledgement, contact the Arts Council at 707.463.2727 or director @

Program Spotlight

Get Arts in the Schools Program

The deadline to apply is November 1, 2023.

Artist in the Spotlight

Event Spotlight


Photo by Lenny Gonzales

Kronos Quartet Performance

at Gualala Arts Center
September 24