Artful Teaching: Integrating the Arts for Understanding Across the Curriculum, K-8, Editor David M. Donahue (Teachers College Press, 2010) – Shares example arts integration models for K-8 curriculum and advocates for the use of arts integration in schools. This book is a solid resource for educators who want to learn new skills as well as for individuals seeking to create comprehensive school reform through the arts.
The ARTS Book: Designing Quality Arts Integration with Alignment, Rigor, Teamwork and Sustainability, Dr. Linda Whitesitt and Dr. Elda Franklin (RealVisions, 2011) – Makes the case for quality arts integration programs and provides model examples—a helpful tool for educators who are approaching arts integration for the first time as well as seasoned arts integration educators who want to evaluate program impact on the school community.
Awesome Hands-On Activities for Teaching Literary Elements, Susan Van Zile (Teaching Resources, 2001) – Introduces techniques for teaching literary elements through inventive hands-on projects for students in grades 4-8—based on the theory of multiple-intelligences, the lessons are designed to give all children a chance to learn.
Creating Meaning Through Literature and the Arts: Arts Integration for Classroom Teachers, Claudia E. Cornett (Pearson, 2010) – Provides teachers with an arts integration blueprint, comprised of ten building blocks for arts-based instruction that includes collaborative unit planning, best arts-based teaching practices and assessment for learning. This book also features activities to jumpstart the use of literature, art, music, drama and dance as integral teaching tools for science, social studies, math and literacy instruction.           
Handbook for K-8 Arts Integration: Purposeful Planning Across the Curriculum, Nan L. McDonald (Pearson, 2009) – This research based handbook walks the reader through the process of how to create standards-based lessons that bridge the gap between multiple disciplines and shows teachers how to plan, teach and evaluate lessons using the arts.
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Art in High School, Pamela G. Taylor, B. Stephen Carpenter II, Christine Ballengee-Morris, and Billie Sessions (National Art Education Association, 2006) – This book highlights arts integration theories, outlines curriculum approaches, identifies effective classroom management techniques and includes a guide for assessing student-initiated learning.
Rethinking Contemporary Arts & Multi-Cultural Education, New Museum (Routledge, 2010) – An updated version of the classic, Contemporary Arts & Multi-Cultural Education, this new edition features up to date approaches to teaching arts education. This book was put together by a collaboration of over 100 artists, writers and educators and includes an extensive array of project-based lesson plans.

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