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DraW TiL YoU DroP April 1, 2017
A joint fundraiser for the Arts Council of Mendocino County & Willits Center for the Arts

dtyd14The event begins at 10 am and continues through the night, until the last artist "drops."


Participating Artists:

Louisa Aronow

Carolyn Bakewell

Colette Crutcher

Adriana Dakin

Karen Sue Davis

Susie Dean

Laura Fogg

Keith Hendricks

Willow Jackson

Rossi Jensen

Megan Kasuyama

Ann Maglinte

Rachelle Martinez

LaRae Mercer

Ilena Pegan

Elizabeth Raybee

Dina Riggi

Danna Rosenheimer

Ursula Schlichting

Esther Siegel

Janae Stephens

Divora Stern

Alyssum Wier

To keep the artists energized and in the flow zone, some fantastic musicians, models, and writers will swing by throughout the day and night. The public is welcome to stop by, enjoy the music and the scene, and most importantly, sponsor artists!!! This is a living, breathing event that is ever-evolving with the flow so please bear in mind that the performing arts schedule is subject to change.

11am – Noon: Charlie Vaughan & Clay Hawkins
Noon: Raging Grannies
1:30: Armand Brint
2: Emandal Chorale
2:30 – 4:30: Mindy – Model
2:30: Acorn Sunbeam
3:30: Jed Diamond
4: Fran Gardner
4:30: Chanterelle Inland Valley Women’s Choir
5:15: Sarah Reith & Kristana Arp
6:30: Megan & Paul
7:30: Earlene Gleisner
8: Michael Charnes & friends
9: Hal Wagenet
9:30: Spencer Brewer
11: Twining Time

Sunday morning
1 am - 4/5 am: Kim Monroe
8am: Earlene Gleisner

Program Spotlight

Artist in the Spotlight

Event Spotlight

ACMC Monthly Zoom Meeting

to share ideas for resilience, recovery and reinvention during the time of Covid.
Dec 7, Noon - 1:30 pm