Aug 03 2017
Book Reading with Local Author Gene Paleno

Book Reading with Local Author Gene Paleno

Presented by Ukiah Library at Ukiah Library

On Thursday, August 3rd at 6:30 pm, local author and UDJ columnist, Gene Paleno, will read excerpts from his new book, The Wish Machine.

“In the 35 years he’s been writing, he has written books about history, science-fiction and fantasy. “To know our past is to be prepared for our future. Science -fiction and fantasy give us a ringside seat on the future,” says Gene.

Science fiction has always been Gene’s first love. He’s written a score of novels and stories about parallel worlds, the meaning of time, time travel, artificial intelligence, intelligent alien life and fantasy. The Wish Machine has just been released.”



Have you ever wished you could go back in time and change a part of your life? With Dr. Samson Candella’s Wish Machine you can. The Wish Machine is a doorway to your past. The Wish Machine can transport you to any past moment you wish. You will have your same body but at the younger age you were in that past. What is more, you keep your present awareness and knowledge.

You enter an alternate reality. It’s a near perfect duplicate of this world and every bit as real as this one. Once there, you can change anything you wish. You may be there for years but you will return to the present within an hour, none the worse for wear and tear.

After a dozen trials with volunteers Dr. Candella enters his own invention. He, like most of us, wants to right a mistake he made when he was young and foolish. He succeeds… but at a cost not imagined.

Dates & Times

2017/08/03 - 2017/08/03

Location Info

Ukiah Library

105 N. Main Street, Ukiah, CA 95482