Apr 01 - 30 2017
Manjula Dean and Gualala Arts Basketmakers, Dolphin Gallery

Manjula Dean and Gualala Arts Basketmakers, Dolphin Gallery

Presented by Gualala Arts at Dolphin Gallery

In her first two-person show at The Dolphin Gallery two-dimensional artist, Manjula Dean, has assembled a collection of paintings that draws on the aesthetic traditions of South Asian painting and textile art to reflect her lifelong study of yoga philosophy and her interest in Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic traditions.

The works in this exhibit are inspired by geometric motifs such as Islamic tiled patterns, shamsas (sunbursts), and yantras (devices for concentration). “I’ve always loved the beauty and optical effects of complex geometric patterning, and I’m equally fascinated by its cross-cultural symbolism. In my own work, I’ve been using geometry to explore the polarity of conceptual structure and organic chaos,” Dean said.

Gualala Arts Basket Makers

 The tradition of basketry predates written history, but in this show at The Dolphin Gallery the Gualala Arts Basket Makers (GAB) apply ancient skills in innovative ways, combining craft and art form to transform ordinary materials into extraordinary collectible pieces.

This is the third show at the Dolphin Gallery for this group that began as a 2005 class in pine needle basket making at Gualala Arts.  In 2007, long-time director Gerda Randolph organized the first Dolphin Gallery show and set up regular meetings for the group. Members gather once a month, usually on the second Thursday, for demonstrations and to share ideas about techniques, materials, and design and to develop new concepts, solve technical problems, and provide encouragement.

Designs range from weaving with traditional grasses, corn husks, pine needles, kelp or other organic materials to an array of found or manufactured items.  One of the delightful aspects of these baskets is how members incorporate and assemble materials in surprising and creative ways.  The definition of what constitutes a basket is liberally interpreted, so artists are free to explore a myriad of possibilities.

Admission Info

Free. Wine and appetizers served. Meet the artists!

Email: info@gualalaarts.org

Dates & Times

2017/04/01 - 2017/04/30

Location Info

Dolphin Gallery

39114 Ocean Drive, Cypress Village, Gualala, CA 95445