Feb 03 - 26 2017
Women Artists Beyond Reason - an open entry exhibit for women & girls of all ages

Women Artists Beyond Reason - an open entry exhibit for women & girls of all ages

Presented by L.A. Hyder Gallery at Flockworks! at Odd Fellows Hall

presented by L.A. Hyder Gallery at Flockworks.

February 3 – 26, 2017

Friday Feb 3…opening ritual for women artists & their women friends

Second Sat. reception, Feb. 11, 2017

Event – Sunday February 12, 2017, 4 pm

Due date for submissions: January 10

Accepted work to the gallery: January 30

Are you a Woman Artist Beyond Reason? Were you told, somewhere along the way, no matter your numerical age, ‘be reasonable’? Did you wonder why in the world being reasonable was something to aspire to?

Have you refused to ‘be reasonable,’ rejecting the stringent nature of this act?

Beyond Reason! encourages women artists to submit work that speaks to our lives, from the personal to political; work that pushes boundaries or the status quo or simply what’s okay – again, from the personal to political; and work that celebrates resilience, our own and the planet’s, of course, from the personal to political.

Why Women Artists? Throughout Mendocino women are well-represented in the galleries, although themes such as this are not generally explored. This exhibit was conceived while contemplating the state of the world today. My personal history exhibiting women artists’ work focused on themes from identity to nuclear policy and the importance of our voices being heard and our visions given display, led to Beyond Reason.

We will consider older work as long as it speaks to you with this theme in mind. We will invite you to write about why a piece spoke to you or was specifically produced for this exhibit; these will be in binders around the exhibit.

We will consider work from all ages, and encourage entries from individual school age artists, or projects from a group.

We hold the right to choose among the submitted work, with the goal of building the strongest exhibit possible. We will attempt to accept at least one piece from each artist and group submitting work.

Due date for submissions: January 10

To be considered, mail an image of each of your entries by January 10 to beyondreason@mcn.org.

If you are working on a piece, you may submit a version of it ‘in progress.’

Up to 3 entries per artist or 1 per project; pedestals are available for sculptural and mixed-media work.

There is a fee of $5-15 per entry; entry monies will be used to support this exhibit. (No woman artist will be turned away from entering for lack of funds.)

You may pay through paypal using ‘happy4evva@gmail.com; or send your check (also by Jan 10) made out to L.A. Hyder to L.A. Hyder Gallery, PO Box 1128, Mendocino CA 94560.

If you choose to not enter this exhibit, though want to support it or know others who would support it, donations can be made by check or paypal.

Please note: Work for sale will have a 30 gallery/70 artist split; Work may be deemed NFS/Not for Sale.

Volunteers are needed to sit the gallery, Fri/Sat/Sun in February.

Since we will have out of town artists, it is important that Mendocino area artists volunteer for a few hours within 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Fri/Sat/Sun shifts, and for events Feb 3, Feb 11, & Feb 12.

Volunteers are needed to help hang the exhibit – January 30 – Feb. 3

and to take down the exhibit/return mailed art Feb 27 & 28.

Admission Info

As with all open entry exhibits, a fee is asked per entry in order to support the exhibit itself.

Artists are invited to submit up to 3 pieces for $5-$15 per piece. No one will be turned away from entering for lack of the entry fee.

Email:  beyondreason@mcn.org for an entry form.

If you can afford a donation over the fee or know someone who might want to support this exhibit, please email for ways to make a donation.


Phone: 707 397 4015

Email: beyondreason@mcn.org

Dates & Times

2017/02/03 - 2017/02/26

Additional time info:

Time, time, time…

Of course, you can send your entry any time before January 10, also…

All accepted work will need to be at the gallery by January 30, ready to hang.

Pedestals are available for sculpture and other 3-D work.

Location Info

Odd Fellows Hall

45101 Ukiah Street, Mendocino, CA 95460