!!! Draw til You Drop 2018 !!!

Bartlett Hall at the Ukiah Senior Center overflowed with colorful and creative activity all weekend on April 21-22. The “Draw ’Til You Drop” art marathon, a joint effort of the Arts Council of Mendocino County…

Bartlett Hall at the Ukiah Senior Center overflowed with colorful and creative activity all weekend on April 21-22. The “Draw ’Til You Drop” art marathon, a joint effort of the Arts Council of Mendocino County and Art Center Ukiah, brought 20 artists together to create works of art in the medium of their choice, while earning pledges and donations that will support art in schools, in public spaces, in galleries, and in many other ways and places throughout the county. Artists not only drew and painted but created 3-D art pieces, mosaics, quilts, paper sculpture, and much more.

Volunteers brought food, and local musicians provided live music throughout the event, to keep the artists and helpers sustained and entertained. Members of the public dropped by to admire the art in progress, encourage the artists, and make donations for their favorites or just for the event in general. The atmosphere was lively and cheerful even toward the end, when the last two artists “dropped” after 27 hours.

The longest-lasting artists were Molly Johnson-Martinez and Elizabeth Raybee, who was also the event organizer. Other artists who lasted 24 hours were Adriana Dakin and Keith Hendricks. The top fundraising artist was Adriana Dakin, who single-handedly raised over $2,400 in pledges; the next highest fundraisers were Elizabeth Raybee and Lisa Rosenstreich. 

The top fundraising and longest-lasting artists shared prizes donated by a tremendous show of support by many local businesses: Kate Wolf Music Festival, Orr Hot Springs, Ukiah Signs & Banners, Ukiah Comfort Inn, North Cliff Hotel, the Skunk Train, Cucina Verona, Glass Fire Gallery, Kemmy’s Pies, Three Sisters, Re-Evolution, Brevado, Mendocino Bounty, Habitat, ER Energy, Mendocino Book Company, It’s Time, Dragon’s Lair, Romi’s Brew & BBQ, Bona, Mazahar, Emandal Farm, Cat’s Meow, Super Taco, Mendocino College Theatre Department, Firefly Framers, Little River Inn, Dig! Music, Mama’s Café, Solar Living Institute, and Round Table Pizza.

The 20 artists who participated in this event were: Carolyn Bakewell, Susan Blackwelder, Brian Bowles, Caroline Clemons, Adriana Dakin, Laura Fogg, Judy Geer, Keith Hendricks, Molly Johnson-Martinez, Dell Linney, Karen Mattson, Mason Peacock, Ilena Pegan, Elizabeth Raybee, Lisa Rosenstreich, Esther Siegel, Janae Stephens, Divora Stern, Ellie Taesali, and Alyssum Wier, who is also the Arts Council’s executive director.

Artists were cheered on and entertained by musicians and poets: Armand Brint, Uke Tones, Daniel Frey, Raging Grannies, Acorn Sunbeam & Steve Smith, Wendy Dewitt, Ruby Mountain String Band, Charlie Selzer, Bill Churchill, Illena Pegan, Kirk Lumpkin, Michael Charnes, Treaston Schmuckley, Isaac Hillhouse, Spencer Brewer, Acorn Sunbean and, finally, between the hours of midnight and 7:30 am: Kim Monroe.

As of May 1, 2018, the event raised a total of $13,749 in pledges, which breaks the fundraising record for DTYD. Funds will be used to benefit both the missions of two organizations: the Arts Council of Mendocino County and Art Center Ukiah. If you sponsored an artist, please be on the lookout for payment instructions from Elizabeth Raybee.

Huge thanks to our donors of food and prizes!

Food Donors: 
Black Oak Coffee
Ukiah Coop
Schat’s Bakery
Grocery Outlet
Kemmy’s Pie’s
Mama’s Cafe
Floodgate Farm
Jacquie Lee
Nancy Horowitz Bertsch
Marilyn Zensen
Christy Carleton

Prize Donors:

Kate Wolf Music Festival
Orr Hot Springs
Ukiah Signs and Banners
Ukiah Comfort Inn
North Cliff Hotel
Sloar Living Institute
Skunk Train
Cucina Verona
Glass Fire Gallery, Buster Dyer
Kemmy’s Pies
Three Sisters
Mendocino Bounty
Mendocino Book Company
It’s Time
Dragon’s Lair
Romi’s Brew & BBQ
Villa Del Mar
Dig! Music
Emandal Farm
Cat’s Meow
Mendocino College Theater Dept
Mama’s Cafe
Firefly Framers
Little River Inn
ER Energy
Super Taco
Round Table Pizza