William de la Mare

William de la Mare


Website: http://www.wdlmphotography.com

   44969 Ukiah Street, The Water Gallery, Mendocino, CA, 95460

Growing up in the vicinities of London and New York, and coming from a family of artists and art lovers, I’ve been exposed to the arts all my life. I received my first camera as a child and developed the interest through high school. I was scouted in high school and given a scholarship to attend art school.

Transferring into a more photography-specific path, I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with high honors from RIT. By that time, I was concentrating on photographing water and glass as a means of visually depicting spiritual/philosophical ideas pertaining to concepts of infinity.

Along the way, I became a lawyer, ultimately focusing on global risk management, but continued to photograph, wrote the first book in a trilogy of epic novels on the theme of life, and also picked up practices in wood sculpture and porcelain pottery.

More recently, I have returned my primary focus to art and water, concentrating on water’s various forms – snow, ice, rain, stream, sea, mist, steam, fog, cloud – and, for more than two years now, the Pacific Ocean from the Mendocino Headlands. Since being in Mendocino I have written the second part of my trilogy called Archetypes (Books I and II are now for sale in the Water Gallery) on the theme of death, and am currently working on the third –  on the theme of Rebirth.