Kristin Coddington-Gordon

Kristin Coddington-Gordon



   41745 road 409, Mendocino, CA, 95460

Kristin Coddington-Gordon of What Now Ceramics is a ceramic sculpture living on the Mendocino Coast. She is a fierce fighter for the environment, a mother of three creative half wild daughters and married to a guy who knows not to get in the way of her clay.

With a back ground in natural history and scientific illustration and most importantly a love for the planet and the self taught, unobstructed time to create Kristin sculpts expressive pieces that seem to be asking for your help.

Each sculpture is made by hand without the use of a mold making each piece unique and individual. The sculptures are raku fired and waxed with bees wax. The wood used in Kristin’s sculptures is in collaboration with her husband Bob Gordon who mills local, salvaged wood.

By creating sculptures of struggling species, Kristin gives animals a voice. The message is left undefined but is clearly in reference to environmental collapse. She hopes her art stirs up an emotion prompting others to do what they can.

The question is asked.  What now?

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Also Kristin’s sculpture can be seen at the Lansing Street Gallery in Mendocino & Northcoast Artists Gallery in Fort Bragg.