Janet Rosen

Janet Rosen


Website: https://www.janetrosen.com/

   2370 S Dora St, Ukiah, CA, 95482

Why make art? For many of us it is a way to mediate reality, to integrate and make sense of the world and then put it “out there” for others to experience. My aim is to create a narrative with enough space for the viewer to enter and find their own story.

See more drawings & paintings in the gallery below and at www.janetrosen.com

I enjoy working in series, some of which may be completed within weeks while others encompass years of intermittent work. Most projects end up being meditations on time, whether it’s capturing the play of light on moving water, the distortion of time created by illness or isolation, the passage of the sun and the seasons across an oak-studded hill, or the temporality of human life.

During the pandemic I began a daily drawing practice focused on the faces of fellow artists on the Sktchy app and more recently this has led me to picking up water-soluble oils for portraiture.

You can reach Janet Rosen at mendojanet(at)gmail.com