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  1. I will draw in my travel/urban sketchbooks for starters……pen, gouche, watercolor, collage. I have made sketchbooks since my first travels to India in the 70’s and now have a collection of about 30 books.


  2. Hi Art Lovers,
    Do your records show how many years has Elizabeth Raybee participated in Draw ’til You Drop?
    Please reply to my email.
    Thank you,


    • Hi Lana!
      I produced, but did not make art, in the first one in San Fran.
      I’ve been producing DtYD &&& making lots of art, too, every year since 2008 in either Ukiah or Willits.
      It’s been a LOT of work, a LOT of FUN & very satisfying to watch the enjoyment & creation of others &&& help raise $$$ for our WONderFuL local ART scene!


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