The Arts Council of Mendocino County is excited to invite proposals for this year’s Get Arts in the Schools Program (GASP) arts enrichment grant. 

Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis until funding is depleted.
Artists will be required to submit a W-9 form if their project is funded.This program is only eligible to artists who reside within Mendocino County and to arts organizations located within the county.
Flexibility, creativity, and projects for underserved regions (Leggett, Laytonville, Covelo) are encouraged!

To be eligible for a GASP grant in 2022-23, an ARTIST or ARTS ORGANIZATION must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a professional artist with experience teaching in a classroom setting;
  • Reside in Mendocino County.

In order to be eligible for a GASP grant, a SCHOOL, AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM or PERFORMANCE VENUE must meet both of the following criteria:

  • Be serviced by MCOE.
  • Provide the artist with a completed Teacher Request Form to attach to their application.

Eligible Projects. Eligible artistic disciplines include:

  • Performing: dance, music, theater or a combination thereof
  • Media Arts: digital arts, radio, graphic arts, etc.
  • Visual Arts
  • Art History
  • Literary Arts
  • Multidisciplinary & Interdisciplinary (e.g., printmaking and bookbinding, or poetry writing and silk screen)

Examples of distance-learning projects:

  • Performance or Lecture: A Performance or Lecture must fit into a 45–60 minute time-frame, which is the length of a typical school assembly program. A performance or lecture might include a presentation by the guest artist, followed by Q&A or a class discussion.
  • Virtual Tour: A virtual tour might take a class backstage or behind the scenes at an arts organization and describe such things as: a history of the craft, careers in the arts, the logistics of creating a performance or event.
  • Hands on Visual and Performing Projects: Hands-on craft or experiences with rhythm, music, and movement. The distribution of any required materials to students in advance of the project will be the responsibility of the artist. The cost of program materials should be included in the total project budget.

Ineligible Projects Ineligible GASP programs include the following: Projects of a religious nature that are designed to promote or inhibit religious beliefs and/or practices and which have no basic underlying secular theme or topic. Projects that are not curriculum-based. Activities that are not primarily focused on arts.

Submitting the Application Packet

Email your application to with “GASP Application” in the subject line. Include a Teacher Request Form from teacher you are proposing to work with indicating that they have discussed the project with you and accept the proposal.

Panel Review and Award Notification
Artist applications will be evaluated by a review panel appointed by MCOE and ACMC and assessed according to the following criteria:

Artistic Quality: The artist/arts organization is well versed in their artistic discipline. The application, support materials, and credentials of the artist demonstrate a high level of quality and skill.

Educational Merit: The artist has the ability to offer curriculum-based educational programming for students, as evidenced by the class/performance description, project summary, support materials, and recommendation letters. The application and attachments illustrate how the proposed programming will enhance curriculum, as outlined in the “Visual and Performing Arts Framework for California Public Schools,” available as a pdf at this site:

Experience in Schools (K-12): The artist is experienced in presenting programs in schools at the stated grade levels. The application should include detailed information on past experience that demonstrates that the artist is dependable, cooperative, articulate and knowledgeable.

Evidence of Administrative Capacity: The application reflects a high level of professionalism, and demonstrates that the artist has the ability to implement the programs and adhere to the GASP reporting requirements.

Artistic and educational uniqueness: The proposed programming is comprehensive, and offers a unique approach to the subject matter.
Other Grant Requirements

W-9 form (Taxpayer identification form) if not already on file.
Fingerprints on file (if working in-person with students).


Q: May I submit more than one application?
A: Yes. You may apply once per month. Funding requests will be considered until available funds are depleted.

Q: What is an appropriate budget request?
A: In order to ensure that as many classrooms benefit as possible, we encourage you to keep budget requests to approximately $300 per classroom; and $1000 per artist, per grant cycle.

Q: I’m a classroom teacher. How can I participate?
A: Please encourage artists you would like to visit your classroom to submit an application after you have discussed potential project with them and have come to a mutually agreed upon proposal. Provide the artist with a completed Teacher Request Form indicating you acceptance of their project. The artist will need to include this form with their application.

Email with a call back number & a succinct description of your question.
GASP Application (pdf) GASP Application (doc)
GASP Guidelines
(pdf) GASP Guidelines (doc)

Teacher Request Form

Program Spotlight

Get Arts in the Schools Program

The deadline to apply is November 1, 2023.

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