Yoga Mendocino's Summer Series begins June 24th

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Yoga Mendocino's Summer Series begins June 24th


Our most cost-efficient and easy-to-use enrollment method is the Series Enrollment. If you enjoy the same class every week, sign up now for the Summer Series. The Summer Series begins June 24th. We offer the option of twelve and four week series enrollments.

(And as always, we offer the Yoga Mendocino class passes for those who wish to enjoy various classes throughout the week. Get your class pass at the studio, by phone or online:

Summer Series Dates & Pricing
June 24 – Sept 16 (12 weeks) $130
June 24 – July 21 (4 weeks) $45
July 22 – Aug 18 (4 weeks) $45
Aug 19 – Sept 15 (4 weeks) $45

Classes Offerings
Yoga Mendocino is happy to announce a that we have an expanded schedule with many new classes and teachers. Continue with your favorite classes and maybe try out some new classes this summer.

Check out our Summer Schedule!

Series cost:
$45 for 4 weeks
$130 for 12 weeks