Traditional Chinese Ink and Brush Line Drawing Workshop

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Traditional Chinese Ink and Brush Line Drawing Workshop




June 12 – 16;  8  to 11 a.m.

This course offers a foundational lesson in Buddhist painting led by Ms. Qianhe Man, an artist and lecturer at the Beijing Institute of Technology.

Through an appreciation of classical painting, we can understand the aesthetic culture of Buddhist art and the spirit behind the works. During this course, we will explore the styles of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317 – 420) as well as line drawing in the traditional ink-and-brush style of Master Hong Yi (1880–1942). Master Hong Yi was an eminent Chinese Buddhist monk, artist, and calligrapher.

Students are invited to create line drawings of Buddhist images using the traditional ink and brush method, and enjoy peace and meditation through the practice of painting.

Theory Class

Participants will be introduced to the concept of Chinese line drawing in traditional ink-and-brush style and will develop an appreciation for classical Buddhist paintings.

Practicum Class

Participants will learn to prepare all the necessary materials for line drawing and how to do basic line drawing of Buddhist images in the traditional ink-and-brush style.

About the Instructor

As an artist and designer, Ms. Man has produced many award-winning jewelry and handicraft designs and held personal exhibitions in various countries in Asia as well as in the United States. As a Buddhist practitioner, she has developed a meditation practice through the drawing of Buddhist images. Ms. Man has been a visiting scholar in Japan and the United States and currently holds the position of lecturer in the School of Design at Beijing Institute of Technology.

Learn more about Ms Qianhe Man’s list of publications, awards, and exhibitions:

Tuition and Fees

Adults: $120
Students and educators: $60
* Service scholarships and financial aid are available upon request.


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