Teapots and Coffee pots on the Wheel Workshop

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Teapots and Coffee pots on the Wheel Workshop



November 2 — November 5, 2023
Thursday — Sunday, 9:30AM – 4:30PM PST

*Intermediate / Advanced Level

During this 4 day workshop we will explore pottery techniques, histories, and philosophies focusing on the teapot and the coffee pot. Tea and coffee have been important parts of different cultures for a very long time. The social rituals and interactions based around tea and coffee have led to beautiful and refined vessels for brewing and serving tea and coffee.

This hands-on workshop is a deep dive into making teapots and coffee pots. Students will start by examining the many types of tea and coffee pots and considering the relationship between form, function and culture. Students will then be guided through the process of making tea and coffee pots utilizing the potter’s wheel. Ian will demonstrate a variety of techniques for throwing bodies, lids, spouts, and making handles.

Students will learn a number of different styles for each of these components, how to consider the ways these components fit together aesthetically, and how to assemble these pieces into a highly functional and beautiful vessel.