Painting en Plein Air with Thomas Prosek

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Painting en Plein Air with Thomas Prosek


Thomas Prosek will teach three days of plein air technique, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 2-4, 2022, beginning at 11:00 a.m. The workshop is focused on how to construct a landscape layout, how to give depth and perspective by using color, shades and shadows, how to complete the landscape using various media, and finally, how to edit and prepare the painting for the juried exhibit. Cost of the workshop is $150 for members of Gualala Arts, $160 for non-members. Registration is due no later than August 15, 2022.

Plein Air painting has emerged in recent years as an option for those wishing to embrace the changing light, changing colors, changing weather in their creativity. Plein Air painting, uses the French phrase for painting outdoors. This method contrasts with the common vision of painting, i.e. in the studio with predetermined expectations of color and light throughout the creation of a new painted work.

When painting and drawing outdoors, the artist is often overwhelmed by the infinite detail in Nature, and at a loss to decide what to include, what to edit, and how to develop a landscape painting. Thomas will give the participants the confidence to compose the landscape quickly, and help the artists to develop a dynamic composition. Blocking with shades and shadows are the next step, all with a keen sense of perspective, which, by using color and lines, will give depth and vibrancy to the painting, drawing, watercolor, pastel, or any of the portable media.

Portability is of the essence, and Thomas will help the students develop their Plein Air “kit using a minimalist color palette that offers the most potential for color development.

Completing the landscape, and adding the layers needed to give the painting intensity will be the next step, and finally, on the last day, editing and preparing the landscapes for the juried Plein Air competition will complete the outdoor class. Thomas specializes in watercolor, ink mixed media, pastels and oil, and all lightweight and portable media are welcome. Thomas will provide a media list for those students who would like assistance in designing efficient and easy kits for the outdoors. Students should bring paper and pen and their preferred medium. Watercolor a plus.

Thomas Prosek will meet the students for the first day at 11 am to go over things and hold the class at the art center grounds. The start time and location of the second and third classes will be set with the understanding that the class will probably start earlier before the winds pick up.

Thomas Prosek, Prosek Architecture and Illustration. For more than 30 years Thomas Prosek was a leading architectural illustrator for projects in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Central and South America and the Middle East. Thomas’ list of clients include Skidmore (SOM), SMWM, William Turnbull, AECOM, KMD, RMW, and many more.

Thomas has also painted landscapes internationally, and his works are in private collections in the US and Europe.

Thomas’ teaching experience includes The Academy of Art University in SF, where he taught sketching, perspective drawing, and interior design for several years. Thomas also taught at the University of Washington Architecture in Rome program, where he taught plein air sketching in the streets of Rome.