Ongoing Jewelry Open Studios

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Ongoing Jewelry Open Studios





Tuesdays, 1pm–5pm • Wednesdays, 2pm–5pm • Thursdays, 4pm–9pm

Come take advantage of our fully equipped jewelry studio – benches, mills, hydraulic press, torches, casting station and much more!

The studio has a complete soldering station with ventilation hood, rolling mills, buffing machine and a packed tool cabinet. We have several kilns for precious metal clays and enameling. Our studio is equipped to perform a multitude of metal working processes – casting, fabrication, metal raising/forming, hydraulic press, enameling, repousse and more.

Are you interested in a new technique but don’t have the funds or space to try it in your own studio? Come explore and experiment. The Jewelry Open Studio is open to all jewelry craftspeople and small-scale metalsmiths who have enough previous experience to be able to work independently (under supervision) in the studio.

Studio usage is purchased in blocks of time:
$120 for 10 hours • $220 for 20 hours • $300 for 30 hours