Now Inviting GASP Projects

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Now Inviting GASP Projects


The Arts Council of Mendocino County invites proposals for distance learning arts enrichment to be delivered to K-12 classrooms throughout Mendocino County. This grant opportunity allows us to present a modified version of the Get Arts in the Schools Program (GASP), which was established in 2005. GASP is a partnership of the Arts Council of Mendocino County and the Mendocino County Office of Education, with additional support of the Community Foundation of Mendocino County. Traditionally, the GASP program serves over 3000 students throughout the county, introducing classrooms to professional artists and delivering hands-on visual, performing, literary, interdisciplinary and multimedia arts projects to students at all grade levels.

Previous GASP grant recipients, experienced arts educators, and arts organizations of Mendocino County are encouraged to submit project and guest artist proposals to the Arts Council of Mendocino County. Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the ACMC and MCOE staff.

All projects will be delivered using distance-learning platforms such as Google Meet or Zoom, depending upon what the classroom uses.

Priority will be given to proposals accompanied by a teacher request form.

Examples of suitable projects:

·      A guest lecture by a professional artist who has prepared a slide show or other presentation of their work and description of their career path followed by a Q&A session with students;

·      A guided poetry-writing workshop and share out;

·      A virtual behind-the-scenes tour of a theater or gallery with a description of related careers;

·      An art history lecture with visual presentation and class discussion.

Arts Council staff is unable to provide assistance with the distribution of materials to classrooms in advance of projects that require special home packet preparation or delivery. All such arrangements must be made through the school.

We encourage “synchronous” projects; i.e., projects delivered live, to specific classrooms. However, we will consider funding asynchronous projects, such as prerecorded content that all students can access via a link, especially if there is a synchronous component such as a guest artist appearance or class discussion.

Project proposals should include the following:

·      A detailed description of the activity or offering proposed (no more than two pages);

·      A list of 3-5 standards engaged through the proposed project See standards here:

·      A budget request (range of $300-$1000 per classroom or grantee depending upon number of visits)

·      An email from the classroom teacher acknowledging acceptance of the project, identifying the MCOE school that is being served, grade level, and number of students served.

Please submit your proposal by email to: with “GASP Proposal” in the subject line.

Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis, or until funds are depleted.

Artists will be required to submit a W-9 form if their project is funded.

This program is only eligible to artists who reside within Mendocino County and to arts organizations located within the county.

Flexibility,creativity, and projects for underserved regions (Leggett, Laytonville, Covelo) are encouraged!

A list of FAQs will be available on the GASP program page of the Arts Council of Mendocino County’s website. Please check there if you have a question. If your question is not answered, there, please email: