Improvisational Acting Workshop

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Improvisational Acting Workshop


Presented by Gualala Arts Theater with instructor Jim Cole A comedy and acting workshop Wednesdays, May 9 through July 25, 6 to 7:30 pm. Classes culminate in a performance Friday, July 28 & Saturday, July 29. Free!

Call Gualala Arts at 707-884-1138 to register.

You  mean you can actually take a class on improv comedy?  Yes, Martha you can!!!!!

Learn the art of improvisation in a positive, supportive, and safe environment. Improv classes are a great way to improve public speaking skills, overcome shyness, meet new friends, and laugh out loud!

Uneda laugh more!

This class will be the highlight of your week!

Taught by Jim Cole, who by nature is a born teacher who taught and coached at the high school level for 13 years.  He also performed with the San Ramon Comedy Club for 3 years.

There will be 12 classes leading up to two live performances – Saturday night, July 28th and a Sunday matinee, July 29th.

Dress comfortably and be prepared to laugh!!!!!!!

For those of you who are not familiar with Improvisational Acting, it is simply acting with no script.

Unlike plays where the actors follow a set script, we take ideas from the audience as to persons, places, things and run with them — often to wild and crazy places!  Did I study acting in high school? College?  Nope.  But, when I saw my first Impro show in San Ramon, two things impressed me.  First of all, just how hilarious it was.  And, then, sometimes, I was simply in awe of the mental gymnastics required to come up with that perfect line. – wow!  Bravo!

So, how can you learn the tricks of the Improv trade?  We will begin each class with getting our bodies and brains warmed up using different low-key exercises.  Then, we will move on to doing different skits with ideas coming from our classmates.

Don’t worry about thinking “I’m not funny!”  Just come and be ready to have fun!