Enroll now for Spring 2022 Theatre at Mendocino College

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Enroll now for Spring 2022 Theatre at Mendocino College


I am so excited to share news about theatre classes and productions at Mendocino College for the upcoming Spring 2022 semester!  I hope that the classes and productions listed below will entice you to emerge from our cocoons and join us (safely of course) in the collective joy of making live theatre at Mendocino College!   Please be assured that the facilities have been deeply cleaned, the ventilation systems have been upgraded and that all Covid safety requirements will be in place. Specifically, the college has instituted a vaccine mandate for all students and faculty, so all students participating in Spring 2022 classes will have either been fully vaccinated or will need to show proof of weekly negative covid tests.  In addition, masks will be required indoors for everybody.  With these safety guidelines in place, I am excited to be able to invite you to join us for our exciting Spring 22 semester!

First, about classes…

Please join us for any of these, or better yet contact me to set up a personalized “conservatory cohort” schedule in which you will take an array of courses and be part of our conservatory cohort ensemble of theatre students. We are now relaunching this cohort group which was largely inactive due to the pandemic, and I am seeking new students for the cohort ensemble. Of course, you are also welcome to take just a class or two; committing to the cohort experience is not at all required to join any of the classes below.  So read on, and see what sparks your interest!

Spring 2022 Theatre Classes:

THE 135: Introduction to Scenic Design: (3 units; Mon& Wed 11-12:20)—Learn how a scenic designer thinks and works!  A brand-new class taught by Steve Decker; e-mail sdecker@mendocino.edu for more information!

THE 201: Intro to Film (3 units; fully online) This class always fills up quickly, so enroll early! Taught by Steve Decker asynchronously online.

THE 210B: Beginning Acting (3 units; Mon & Wed 10-11:50 AM). If you have been longing for human contact and seeking a safe place to re-engage creatively, this is the class for you! This course introduces students to fundamental acting techniques and involves fun exercises as well as scene study. Perfect for those new to acting, and great for experienced actors wishing to brush up on their craft. Required for all theatre and dance majors. Instructor Reid Edelman

THE 210C: Intermediate Acting combined with THE 210D: Acting Styles (Mon & Wed 2-3:50 PM): If you have already completed THE 210B: Beginning Acting, you are ready for this intermediate level course.  Continue to develop and deepen your acting skills.  The course will include basic training in Meisner acting technique as well as scene study and a clminiating ensemble performance project.  More than any acting class that I teach, this one is transformative for aspiring actors.  I hope you will join me!  Instructor: Reid Edelman

THE 219: Introduction to Directing / THE 105A: Narrative Theatre (3 units; M & W 4-5:30 PM PM) Students in this class will learn fundamentals of directing for the theatre, and will each direct a 10-minute play in our 16th Annula Festival of New Plays (10-minute plays by local playwrights).  This class does require an interview to participate, and slots are limited, so please e-mail me ASAP if you’d like to join me in this very special experience.  Once you have my permission, you can enroll in either THE 219, section 2099 or THE 105A, section 2081. Concurrent enrollment in a 1-unit section of either THE 225A, B, C or D or THE 105B, C or D is also required. Instructor Reid Edelman

THE 206: Dance in World Cultures (3 units; fully online) Learn about diverse dance forms from around the globe.  Taught asynchronously fully online by instructor Eryn Schon-Brunner.

THE 208 A & B: Intro to Stagecraft (3 units, Tue & Thur 1:30-3:50): Come learn about the magic of creating theatrical scenery and develop skills for backstage theatre operations. Required for our new CTE Technical Theatre Certificate program. Fully transferable to CSU & UC. Instructor: Steve Decker

THE 217A,B,C or D: Costuming (2 or 3 units depending upon level, Tuesdays 5-8:50 PM). Learn to design & build theatrical costumes. Participate in the creation of costumes for the Spring 2022 New Play Festival and also build your own special project. Required for our new CTE Technical Theatre Certificate program. Taught by Kathy Dingman-Katz.

THE 232: History of American Musical Theatre (3 units; fully online) This hugely successful new class is taught by musical theatre expert Charlie Seltzer; enroll early! Taught asynchronously fully online.

THE 238 E, F, G & H: Jazz Dance (2-3 units; Tue & Thur 2-3:50 PM): Move your body!  This class is essential for both actors and dancers! A core conservatory cohort class. Instructor: Eryn Schon-Brunner

In addition, conservatory actors should also take one of the following:

MUS 230 A, B & C: Singing with Marilyn Simpson (1 unit; Mon & Wed 1-2 PM): Learn the fundamentals of singing with a focus on solo performance and voice training.  Have no fear, you can do this!

MUS 280 or 281: Chorale (1 unit, meets Mondays 6:30-9:35 PM): Learn to sing in an ensemble with instructor Janice Timm.  An essential course for actors wanting to audition for musicals!


MUS 285: Vocal Jazz Ensemble (1 unit, Fridays 5-7:50 PM): Learn to sing in a jazz ensemble with instructor Janice Timm.

Lake County Class…

And finally, in Lake County, John Tomlinson will be teaching THE 105A: Narrative Theatre (short term running Feb 7-May 20, 2022).  Develop, rehearse and perform an original ensemble-created project in Lake County.  Class meets T & Th 6-8 PM and some Saturday mornings.  Contact John Tomlinson for more information at jtomlinson@mendocino.edu

And now about auditions… 

In February, 2022 we will be presenting our long-awaited production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, originally scheduled pre-pandemic for spring 2020.  The play is currently in rehearsal and fully cast, but don’t miss seeing this delightful production running February 3-13 in our Center Theatre.

If you would like to get onstage and perform yourself, auditions for our 16th Annual Festival of New Plays will be held Monday February 28 at 6 PM in the college Little Theatre. More details will be coming soon but mark your calendars now!

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at redelman@mendocino.edu or 707-468-3172.  If you’d like to set up a meeting with me to plan your semester, or just need more information.


Reid Edelman

Mendocino College Theatre Director