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"Draw til You Drop 2017" April 1st in Willits

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dtyd14!!! Hello Fellow Artists !!!
The date has been set for Draw til You Drop ‘17– April 1 – til ???
(who knows when it will end?)

DtYD will be held at the Willits Center for the Arts this year & will be a fundraiser for WCA & the Arts Council of Mendocino County

???? Will you be there MaKiNg ARt with us ????

Draw = Make Art in this event…anything without fumes, noise &/or flying objects that might disturb your neighbors will work…Paint, Crochet, Collage, Sew, Felt, Clay…or some variety thereof.

You have either been in DtYD before, or expressed an interest – SO – thought I’d give you the first chance to play with us again & help raise money for the arts in Mendocino County!!! The space is limited – so let me know if you’d like to join in & I’ll send you sponsor sheets & any other details you’ll need.
We’ll start ArTing at 10 am, Saturday morning. All meals, lots of snacks & drinks will be provided while you work. Good live music by several local players will happen at various times throughout the day & night & maybe some poetry reading to inspire us!

What do YOU need to DO????

Commit to 12 hour minimum participation. The record last year was 30 hours – the Mendo County record is 36 hours. I hope YOU can set the new record! Making your art in the fine company of other visual & performing artists is inspiring & always lots of fun for you & our visitors!!!

Sign people up to pledge (either per-hour or lump sum) to donate as your sponsors. It’s easy – Just carry your sign-up sheet with you & talk with excitement about your art-making plans &/or announce it on Facebook or send an email to your friends & family – they’ll love it!
Many people who come to watch will donate or pledge to sponsor participating artists – BUT – Sponsorship of a minimum of $15.per hour is required before the start of the event. That’s what will make it a successful fundraiser for the Arts Council.

Choose one piece (large or small) that you’ve worked on at DtYD to donate as a prize to the person who Drops last. …Could that be YOU?!?!?!?
PRiZeS for ALL who last 24 hours & more for the 3 artists who draw the longest & the 3 artists who raise the most sponsor donations for the Arts Council of Mendocino County, who sends artists into schools all over the county!!!

BUT FIRST – you’ve gotta let me know you want to participate!
Hope you’ll join us!!!

I’m hoping to hear from as many artists as possible SOON – we have room for about 25.
IF you can’t participate in the marathon this year but would like to Volunteer for a few hours before, during or after the event, donate a prize or food, or sponsor one of the artists – PLEASE let me know!

Elizabeth Raybee

Participating Artists:
Louisa Aronow
Carolyn Bakewell
Colette Crutcher
Jon Engdahl
Keith Hendricks
Megan Kasuyama
Rachelle Martinez
LaRae Mercer
Nancy Moilanen
Elizabeth Raybee
Dina Riggi
Ursula Schlichting
Divora Stern
Lisa Rosestreich
Esther Siegel
Janae Stephens
Alyssum Wier