Cyanotypes with Rhianna Gallagher

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Cyanotypes with Rhianna Gallagher


June 10 & 11, 10am – 4pm at Spring Commons, 231 E. Redwood Ave in Fort Bragg.

Two-day workshop in which students will learn how to make cyanotypes with artist Rhianna Gallagher who specializes in historical photographic processes.

Cyanotype is a 19th-century photographic process that produces a distinctive blue-colored print. To create a cyanotype print, a light-sensitive emulsion is applied to a surface such as paper or fabric. Transparent objects and/or negatives are placed on the surface and exposed to UV light which creates a blue image. Images are developed in water. The process is non-toxic and very forgiving.

  • $100 for 2 day workshop
  • Includes emulsion and transparencies

The workshop begins with a brief history of cyanotype and examples of techniques. Students will learn how to make photograms (images of objects laid directly on paper coated with the light-sensitive emulsion) and images using a transparency made from a photograph.

Students should bring paper and/or fabric to coat with emulsion and print on; objects with different levels of transparency to make photograms; and images that can be made into transparencies for printing. Workshop fee includes emulsion and transparencies.

Rhianna Gallagher is a Master of Fine Art Photography specializing in antique historical processes.

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