City of Ukiah Monarch Mural Call for Artists

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City of Ukiah Monarch Mural Call for Artists


Monarch Mural Call for Artists

Deadline:  5PM; December 1, 2021

Total Project Budget (Award):   $2000

The purpose of this project is to educate and raise awareness of the decline in monarch butterfly populations, and to inspire all to take part in saving these butterflies by learning how to attract them to their own backyards. The project started with a Mayor’s Monarch Pledge, then groups of people began planting plants attractive to butterflies, such as milkweed among others. Now we are soliciting artists/muralists who want to take on the task of painting a pollinator mural for our Alex Thomas Plaza in Ukiah.    

— Mayor Juan Orozco

Budget Description: The selected artist will be awarded $2000 to install a mural at Alex Thomas Plaza. Additionally, the City of Ukiah will reimburse up to $350 in paint and painting materials and apply an anti-graffiti coat after the mural is completed. The selected artist will be responsible for all other costs with the project, e.g., materials, equipment, labor. There is no additional funding.


Project Details: The City of Ukiah’s Mayor’s Monarch Pledge (MMP) ad hoc committee is pleased to announce a Request for Qualifications to identify qualified artists to develop a site-specific artwork to complement the design of Alex Thomas Plaza while speaking to the plight of, and need to protect, Monarch butterflies.

The mural will be placed on an approximately 12×14’ east facing, cinderblock wall1 on the south east corner of Alex Thomas Plaza. The wall is partially obscured by the foliage of a tree and the artist can choose the level of detail that may be behind the foliage as well as the total area of the wall to be included in the mural. Any wall area not included in the mural should be painted in a complementary manner.

The selection committee will be looking for:

• Presence of a Monarch Butterfly in a signature role (Required)
• Inclusion of additional beneficial pollinators and their host plants2 is (Welcomed)
• The colors of the mural should be complementary to the color palette of Alex Thomas Plaza (See Paint Palette). (Required)
• Visually Engaging (bold, arresting, eye-catching, overall visual impact, efficient use of space) (Required)
• Inspires stewardship and a desire to learn more about pollinators and local beneficial insects (Required)
• Free of Scientific Inaccuracies with recognizable flora and fauna and a demonstrated relationship between plants and insects. (Required)
Selection Information: A selection committee composed of City of Ukiah staff, the Executive Director of the Arts Council of Mendocino County, representatives from the MMP ad hoc committee along with local art professionals, will review submissions and select anartist taking into consideration the artists professional experience, quality of work, artistic vision, originality in past works and demonstrated ability to work on projects of similar scale and budget delivered in a timely manner. Additional consideration may be given to artists with a connection to the local region.

How to Apply: Please send the requested materials via email with the subject line “Monarch Mural Submission” to or mail to Community Services, c/o Neil Davis 411 W Clay St, Ukiah CA 95482

Monarch Mural CTA Application PDF

Alex Thomas Plaza Paint Spec PDF

Monarch Mural Beneficial Insects PDF