Call to Artists fom Art Center Ukiah

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Call for Artists - DEADLINE :  
Call to Artists fom Art Center Ukiah


July- Expressions in Ink 

Ink is a wonderful and inherently permanent medium which demands a sure and skilled hand of the artist. It lends itself to various kinds of printing and drawing, Sumi-e, calligraphy and tattoo art, to name a few.

How do you celebrate your skill with ink? We are looking for a tantalizing mix of art in both two and three dimensional media.

August- Water: the Gift of Life 

Water is critically necessary for the survival of plants, animals and humans on our planet… we would not exist without it. Water comes in many shapes, forms and moods, all of which are captivatingly beautiful as the subject of artistic expression.

How do you express your relationship with water in your art? We are looking for an exuberant show in a wide variety of sizes and media to tell this fascinating story from many points of view.