Call for Volunteers

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Call for Volunteers




The Larry Spring Museum is a DIY Museum created in 1985 by amateur Experimenter, Artist and Curator, Larry Spring (1912-2009). As the caretakers of The Larry Spring Museum, we celebrate Larry Spring’s DIY Spirit of Amateur Inquiry as a means to open up his collection to new creative possibilities. We are committed to sharing his analogue wonders with those who have inquiring minds!

Can you help us to spread the inspiration?

If you can offer one day per month to squire visitors around the collection, you’ll be helping to sustain one of Fort Bragg’s unique cultural gems. The Larry Spring collection is a constellation of art, science, and wonders between, so specialized knowledge is not a prerequisite to participation! Connect with the community, share your knowledge, and help visitors discover something new each time they come to the Museum.

Becoming a volunteer will provide you with many opportunities to share your unique take on Larry Spring’s collection and the artists and makers who are inspired by his work.

Please send us your name, contact info and a little bit about your interest in the Larry Spring Museum. Our immediate need is docents, but if you have any other skills to share, we are very open to hearing from you!