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Calling all actors, singers and dancers!!!

Auditions are coming up soon for the big college spring musical, the delightful royal romp ONCE UPON A MATTRESS. Auditions are Saturday December 8 at 10 AM, so brush up your favorite Broadway song and come join the fun…roles for a cast of 25-35 performers, so opportunities abound!

ONCE UPON A MATTRESS is an exuberant family-friendly musical extravaganza based on the classic story of “The Princess and The Pea.” Carried on a wave of wonderful songs, by turns hilarious and raucous, romantic and melodic, this rollicking spin on the familiar classic provides for some side-splitting shenanigans.

We are seeking a large cast, ages 14 and up. No prior experience is needed, just a desire to perform and a love of musical theatre! This is an exciting opportunity to participate in a professionally staged musical on the college stage. You will sing to the accompaniment of a live orchestra, and experience the magic of performing musical theatre in fully equipped state of the art space with the support and guidance of the college’s artistic team!

Auditions will be held on Saturday December 8 starting at 10 AM. You will be taught a dance routine that you will perform in a group. Don’t worry if you are not a trained dancer. Not all roles require extensive dancing, and our choreographic duo of Eryn Schon-Brunner and Maria Monti love to teach ALL actors to dance!

You will also be asked to sing a song of your choosing. Selecting a song from a Broadway musical that has both dramatic / character content as well as showing off your singing voice is recommended. The song should be 60 seconds or less, so start at the best part! If possible, please bring sheet music, as we will have an accompanist, and auditions always go better with accompaniment. That being said, don’t worry if you can’t find a song or if the idea of a prepared song terrifies you. You can always just sing “Happy Birthday” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” We just want to hear your voice!

Call-Backs will be on Sunday December 9. On this day, we will try out acting scenes from the show with people we are considering for lead roles. We’ll also teach potential leads some actual songs from the show. But whether you are a lead or a chorus member, being in a musical is a delightful experience. Come join us!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to call 468-3172 or e-mail

Roles available:
MINSTREL: character is older, but can be played by an actor of any age & gender… sings & dances, the story-teller of our revisionist fairy-tale
PRINCE DAUNTLESS: the lovable yet naive young prince. Dominated by his mother who wishes to keep him her baby forever. By the queen’s decree, nobody can marry until he does, and if the queen has her way, he never will.
QUEEN AGGRAVAIN: the afore-mentioned villainous queen. Dominates her husband and her son, and does NOT play fair!
LADY LARKEN: romantic lead, in love with Sir Harry, and recently pregnant. She and Sir Harry would like to marry, but they can’t, due to the queen’s anti-marriage rule. If she starts to show, things are going to get dicey!
KING SEXTIMUS THE SILENT: he communicates only in charades. Under a spell that will not allow him to speak until “the mouse devours the hawk.”
JESTER: any age, any gender…side-kick to the minstrel and the king…a delightful role.
THE WIZARD: a magician serving the queen…any age & gender
SIR HARRY: the romantic lead-type. Melodic voice and very in love with Lady Larken, though a bit too full of himself.

and last but not least,

PRINCESS WINIFRED: her friends just call her FRED… the role that launched Carol Burnett’s career…a very unconventional princess. She says she is terribly shy , but she has the energy and shine of a million watt bulb! She can drink, lift weights and swim moats with the best knights, but under her brash exterior, she is a true romantic at heart.

Plus a large chorus of singing and dancing knights and ladies…

A royal romp of a play…

Hope to see you on December 8!