Abstract Painting and the Spirit of Nature Workshop

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Abstract Painting and the Spirit of Nature Workshop


Venture with us into the realm of self-expression by learning to harness nature’s energy and direct it onto the canvas. We will begin by identifying our spiritual and emotional connection to the four elements earth, air, fire and water. We will be identifying how each of these elements is sensed and perceived and then translated into abstract painting. Instruction will include demonstrations in basic and advanced acrylic painting techniques including painting with rust to create the patina of age, sumi ink and Stabillo pencils to create expressive mark making, handmade stenciling and printing to create patterns. The results are alive, authentic and exhilarating. Unveil the mysteries of abstraction by practicing techniques in form, rhythm and motion. Each student will receive individual instruction and group critique.

In this 2-day workshop you will practice abstract acrylic painting techniques that are connected to the spirit in nature. Abstract painting is often misconstrued as an unrecognizable formatted style of painting where no standard rules of perspective, color theory, or composition exist as they do in other styles of painting and in artwork in general. Cited as the father of abstraction, Wassily Kandinsky (1886-1944), stressed that all of the standard rules mentioned above still existed, but abstraction incorporated the spiritual and emotional response to nature thus changing the perception of how an artist might represent that response.

Diane Williams and Chuck Potter both hold Master of Fine Arts degrees in Studio Art and Consciousness studies from John F Kennedy University in Berkeley, California. Additionally, both have studied at the University of Hangzhou China, incorporating calligraphy, traditional Chinese landscape painting and Chinese medicine with their western art practices.

They have studios in Benicia, CA. (I AN I Studio) and Greenville, CA. (Diamond I AN I Studio). They teach workshops in their Benicia studio and Arts Benicia, Concord Parks & Recreation, and have run several workshops at their mountain retreat in Greenville. They recently taught a 4-day workshop at the Pacific Northwest Art School on Whidbey Island Washington. Additionally, Diane and Chuck were adjunct professors for National University and have mentored graduate students from John F Kennedy, University. They also have an extensive exhibition list.

Their works can be found in corporate, public, and personal collections nationally and worldwide.