A special ink-related workshop with Allora Aikman

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A special ink-related workshop with Allora Aikman


Join us for a unique workshop at the gallery,

materials provided,

sliding scale $10-$20

Saturday, July 15th, 1-4pm.

Reserve in the gallery

Art Center Ukiah | 201 S State St, Ukiah, CA 95482

A special ink-related workshop will be held at the gallery. Local artist Allora Aikman will host a workshop of the Jagua technique, which is similar to henna but uses blue-black ink instead of the rich brown that is associated with henna.
Allora describes henna as a “plant based paste that only stains the epidermis layer of skin, making it non invasive and deemed safe for pregnant women. Henna stains just about anything it comes into contact with, with the exception of scar tissue.” Allora continues, “Henna leaves are harvested and dried, then ground into a fine powder before adding in other ingredients.
Most artists I have come into contact with over the years use a mixture of lavender oil, lemon and sugar in their paste. Occasionally you can find walnut oil as an additive for color enhancement.” Allora assures people that “Henna and Jagua are both natural, temporary, fun and safe. They stain dead layers of skin, last about 2-4 weeks and gradually fade away as the skin exfoliates. Henna is a beautiful brown/red color and comes from Indian, African and Arabic countries. Jagua is a stunning black/blue color and can be found in Central and South America.

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