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Streetcolor, Instructor

August 12, 2018 (5 hours)

Maximum Number: 8

Tuition $84

To enroll send $50 non-refundable deposit with contact information and class request to:
Pacific Textile Arts 450 Alger St. Fort Bragg, CA 95437
OR … use our online registration form and optionally pay deposit with paypal.

Materials fee of $10 — this includes white merino wool, many many colors of commercially dyed merino wool, Habotai silk, and wool yarn. All felting equipment will be provided.

Students should bring a large cellulose sponge, a notebook and pen, a dry shirt to change in to, and any wool fleece, fabric or wool yarn you are curious about to try to felt ( optional )

100 Ways To Felt
There actually are 100 ways to felt — at least — from a giant bed of felting needles to dragging your wool behind your camel. I will discuss and demonstrate several methods and teach a brand new method which uses wool, silk fabric, yarn, and chance and randomness to create a multi-color felt drawing. Beginner to advanced.

Streetcolor is known in Mendocino and Fort Bragg for her large scale yarnbombing and urban textile installations: The Mendocino Crayon Box Installation that included 20 felted buildings and the Pink Pom Pom Installation in 2017 . She has done yarnbombing and felting installations with The Contemporary Jewish Museum, the Oakland Museum , the Crocker Museum, the San Jose Museum of Art and The De Young Museum. She has been the artist in residence at The Mendocino Art Center and The de Young Museum. She’s taught textiles at her studio Deep Color in Berkeley, CA for 18 years.

“Feltmaking is the most direct and creatively satisfying of the textile arts in a lot of ways; the very first time you felt you can start expressing how you feel and make something you can use and think about. It offers many many variations and can become a long term study as you experiment with color like painting and all the material sensations from fine ephemeral silk wool combinations to thick stiff grounding rugs and living structures. You can pretty much make anything you could possibly want out of felt except dinner. In my classes I want to teach really great felting techniques but even more than that I want to support my students becoming freer and more relaxed in all their art making and handwork. I want them to really enjoy and play with the medium and come to know the pleasure and magic of transforming wool to felt.”

QUESTIONS? CONTACT via email streetcolorart@gmail.com.