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ACMC Member E. Raybee Mosaic


ACMC Member Lavender Grace


Get Art in the Schools Program


The Grace Hudson Museum and Sun House

Creative Placemaking

Mendocino Music Festival


2011 ACMC Creative Placemaking Project


ACMC Member Melanie Knox

Annual Art Champion Awards


The Latest News

New Ceramics Website Our very talented ceramics artist, photographer, videographer and web designer, Anthony Wells, has put together a very functional and well thought out website for us all to use and to share with friends and colleagues.

The Importance of Creativity in Education ACMC Board Member Jan Stephens discovered this TED talk on the importance of creativity in education.

ACMC Announces 2014 Art Champions The Board of Directors of the Arts Council of Mendocino County is pleased to announce the 12th Annual Mendocino County Art Champion Award recipients.

MAKING “SPACE” written by Carole Brodsky More than two decades ago, Paulette Arnold, Laurel Near, two idealistic young women and a core group of friends, families and artists dreamed of a place—a “space” where young people could act, sing and dance.

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